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Pretty pretentious pointes by a pedant!

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Zoë Violetnese Malik
12 January 1993
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I'm getting a new room that was shipped to Charlotte-Atlanta from Sweden where the IKEA CEO is some white guy like Sam Walton and Pierre Omidyar are; and either here or Wattpad I'm going to tell you my dreams!

I want to approve of friends-only entries before being published to public entries by 1989s, One Direction, first before Sarah Ashley Rutledge the queen of Halloween on Vampire Freaks and Gaia Online because she is mine not the multi-age where third grade is going to be added if we are September for them.

I am trying very hard to get this out there, but I want to be a structural engineer of the second Twin Towers (hey, that's Squared!) because I was once the Freedom Tower at One World Trade Centre in early 2006 for canadiangirl04 and mirandasings08 on 19 August, 2006.

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